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I help online course creators scale their businesses, so you can increase your revenue, enrich more lives and have the impact you've always dreamed of!

We do this by implementing sustainable systems and strategies that allow you to expand and run your business stress-free so you can get the most out of yourself and your team.


My name is James Granahan and I come from a small town near Dublin, Ireland. Like you, I’m passionate about learning and online education.

I first entered the online business world in 2015 in search of a way to earn a living that allowed me the freedom to live life on my terms. I’d done the long commute and the 9-to-5, but they sucked the life out of me. I was desperate to travel and explore the world, and so I began to look for opportunities that would give me the freedom to work remotely.

I moved to Argentina, started my first website - Lingua Materna - and began working as an online English teacher - mainly working with business English students.

In 2017, I began to work with StoryLearning, initially helping to create new online courses and blog content. Since then I’ve led the creation and development of 30+ highly successful online courses and products, so I know the online education and course creation world inside out.

- I played an important role in developing the operational systems and structures that helped the business grow significantly and enrich the lives of thousands of students around the world
- I’ve run and managed dozens of remote projects and teams, so I understand the challenges (and benefits) of online working inside-out and how to use them to your advantage
- And I’ve done all of this while living in 12 different countries and living a lifestyle I love!

I mention all this here, not to brag, but to clarify that when I talk about growing your online business, I do so from actual experience.

I’ve spent years in the trenches of a business just like yours helping it to grow it from the same place you are now, to a thriving "leader-in-its-niche" that has a meaningful impact on the lives of thousands of students around the world.

And also, because I want you to see I walk the walk. I intentionally set out to find ways of working that enrich my own life and allow me to be the best I can be.

So when I talk about the importance of freedom and authenticity in your business, it’s not just some "shtick". It’s the way I live my life and the way, I believe, you’ll get the most out of yours.

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