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In order to become a coach with WiseHead a request has to be made. Personal information (First Name, Last Name, etc.) must be provided. Intended service(s) provided must be specified (Executive, Career, Life or Business coaching), and working hours as well as time zone must be setup.

Profile Is Verified

After a coach profile has been verified it will be published and available to search. The coach receives a confirmation email or a request to provide more information

Search for Coach

Mentee looking for a coach using search to find a right one. If a coach is matched, a session booking process will begin.

Book a Session

During the booking process, a Mentee selects coaching services, schedules session time, and either gets a free first session, or pays for one according to the Coach rate plan.

Accepts The Session

After payment is complete, the coach is able to accept or decline the session with comments. The Mentee is able to cancel a session up to 48 hours in advance.


The Coach has a session with the Mentee according to the scheduled time, using Zoom, Skype or Google Meet

Confirm Session

After a session went well, and the Mentee confirms it, the coach receives their pay. If the Mentee is unhappy with the session, it's possible to dispute it.

Receives Money

Usually pay transfer immediately. Please provide up to one day to receive payment.

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