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Deepak Sonavane

Leadership Coach

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My specialization comes form life's experiences , knowledge and practically working with people. My approach is simple!.  Dealing from the perspective of Human. the dictionary calls us "Human being" and not humans!

Through out our life we are trying to be human. we are always doing some thing to get results of our problems. we are always in to survival mode. Either someone is dominative or surviving in any area of life i.e  Work place, Relationships , Sex , Leisure etc. My role is to look at the source of it and work on the source. For example some one is dealing a problem in sexual relationship , as a Listener I look a the point that one gets triggered or has fear (its not an easy one, and I am very good at that ) and recreate that person so as to give him "Freedom" .  

Communication plays a major part . I look at the source of the problem that one is going through and help him/her by working on one self.


I am a fun loving person. Leaving in present. every moment is new for me and i am in love with myself. I like to listen to people and always work in team 

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