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Daniela Baur

Wellness and Health Coach, Life Coach, Leadership Coach, Executive Coach

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I work with busy professionals to achieve work-life balance, happiness, clarity, and peace in their professional and personal life, with focus on the person not the problem. I am your thinking partner in writing your life story; your sounding board; the mirror in which you see the reflection of who you are and who you want to be.


I was born and raised in Eastern Europe living a childhood with no worry in the world. I had wonderful parents, hard working people,  not very well off, but caring and loving. They taught me to be honest, respectful, to do well in school, to always grow as a person, and to never give up. 

These lessons came handy when the socialist block fell apart, uncertainty settled in, and everybody was struggling to find their place under the sun. I marched through a divorce, a world economic crisis in the 90's, and later immigrating to Canada. I started my life from ground zero a few times. I built a career, while adapting to a new culture and raising a family. 

And no, I am not a superhero. I am me. I have my childhood lessons. I have my faith. I have good friends. I have a family. I have coaches, who I talk with when I need to see a different perspective. 

But most of all - I have a sea of life experiences and hunger to learn more and more and help people in their struggles.

Because I love to give, just like my parents did.



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