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My idea here is to give you the tools to undertake a range of processes. Anyone can teach or tell you how to solve an individual problem, exploring the tools to enable you to resolve ongoing problems are a far better option. 

Having worked in retail, hospitality, education, engineering, and the public sector. I have a wide experience of how organizations work or don't as the case may be. We would like to think our organization or company is excellent, sometimes it is harder to accept that might not be true. 

In my professional career, I put visionaries' ideas into reality and made them work. I have extensive practical change management experience in many large and quite different organizations. Having worked at all levels to ensure the change happened and was effective. 

My experience in recruitment, HR, and the preparation of resumes, interview techniques, and knowledge of psychometric testing allows me the opportunity to build a plan that puts the job you dreamed of in your sight. I have extensive career-building knowledge and through this knowledge have assisted people to grow and become the person they wished to be. 

My learning and development knowledge is a considerable asset and my knowledge of the school, college, university, public, and private sector education and funded learning enables me to develop learning strategies and career plans to suit. I have taught over fifty different courses from Health and Safety through to blue-chip leadership courses that included such things as Myers Briggs, Belbins, and extensive personality testing models.  

I am a family man who has worked hard my whole life to develop my skills. I have a strong NLP background and was taught this by Richard Bandler, one of the co-founders of the subject. I use this and my extensive knowledge gained from a can-do attitude to develop myself into an academic, who understands how to put things into reality. I have spent a great number of years building my skills and qualifications to assist others.

I have spent many years dealing with life problems, I have worked with many disorders, such as eating and body dysmorphic. The problem for life problems for many is to reveal the problem from within the mist. My work is to guide you to the right solution, you already have the answer, it is just not clear to you.


I have spent over forty years in the best companies. I have experience in local government, retail, Hospitality, and many areas of work through my time as a consultant/employee. 

Having worked to the Director level, my knowledge is extensive and my experience is vast. 

As  NLP Practitioner, I have helped many people with social and phycological matters that affected their life to make the improvements they need.

I coach individuals, Managers, CEOs, and Owners to develop their businesses and their lives.  I investigate what holds you back and why? We all wish to be better as people in our lives or as professionals. 

It is easy to say "well I'm lazy". However, this is not always the truth, my role is to find the obstacles and find your way forward. To motivate and guide you to the success you wish and deserve.

With my background in life and business, with my NLP skill, I am able to challenge, your thought processes. Ensuring you explore all avenues of becoming successful.

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