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I specialize in career coaching as well as leadership development. I am passionate about helping individuals find what they are truly passionate about. I believe that each person has a very unique ability, skillset or strength that they can offer in whatever career path they choose and I believe that as a coach I can create an environment that allows a client to explore, discover and create new opportunities for themselves so that they can unleash their true potential and work in a career they are truly passionate about. 

With 5 years of leadership experience in a corporate environment, I am also passionate about helping to develop the generation of leaders in the world. My passion is people, and strengths-based coaching. My approach is one of enabling a client to see the true potential they have within themselves and helping them to unlock that potential so that they can find a career they are truly passionate about. 


I am a certified career management coach with 5+ years of experience as a manager in the financial services industry. I have an undergraduate degree in psychology and anthropology, with an Honours in Anthropology. I am passionate about helping individuals unleash their true potential by realising and maximising their strengths and finding out what they are truly passionate about in the workplace. I became a coach because I believe it is through this process that an individual really discovers what they are good at and the unique contributions they can offer the world. It is such a powerful process and I have already had some wonderful success stories in my experience as a coach - not by any magic I have done but by the enabling, uplifting, creative techniques offered through coaching. I hope to find similar opportunities on this forum. 

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