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Theodore Petrus

Executive Coach

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Coaching Approaches & Methods

I help professionals, executives and business owners to achieve results by prioritizing their focus, upgrading their skills and creating  a clear step-by-step plan to keep them on track, consistent and accountable. To help my clients achieve results, I follow a simple 5-step process that I sell in the form of several packages ranging from 30 days to 12 months. 


I've worked with a range of clients where I've helped them to advance their career, become more productive and effective leaders, or double or triple their business. I've been coaching for more than 5 years.

I'm the best at what I do, hence I only work with the best clients. These are the clients who are willing to take action and be accountable for their results.

I'm a certified Executive Coach, as well as a certified Life Coach. 


- Personal Success

- Business Success

-Leadership Success

- Sales Success

- Career Success

- Academic Success

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