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Coaching Approaches & Methods

I am a seasoned coach and have worked in this space since 2009.  I have worked with clients across the globe from a broad range of sectors including law, finance, technology, government, entertainment, fashion and non for profits.

Whether I am working with an individual client or with a business owner in their company, I view myself as someone that sits on my clients’ “board”.  My job is to be their partner. To teach, guide (sometimes push!) and provide insight and direction so that they can get the results that they want.  

When I am working with an organization or a C-level executive,  I take a transparent and realistic approach. My first hand experience in operations, marketing and human resources allow me to understand the complexities of implementing change, all while being able and provide a bird’s-eye-view. The ultimate objective: to support my clients in creating cultures and building infrastructures that they are proud of by anticipating and helping them mitigate risks and external obstacles.

With an individual client, My approach is straightforward and intuitive. I read in between the lines and hear what is not being said so that I can help my client "see" their blind spots so that they can close the gap from where they are to where they want to be. With individuals, I use a mix of modalities such as CBT, Mindfulness, traditional coaching principals and a host of communication philosophies to get my clients their desired results.


My personal work experience includes senior level roles such as VP of Marketing and Consumer Experience, Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Operations Officer.  I lean on my work experience to support my clients in upleveling their performance at work and in life. 

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