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Coaching Approaches & Methods

I deliver outstanding results for my clients by building relationships based on support, inquiry, and challenge. My approach combines a structured methodology with an adaptable design, drawing from my extensive experience and research to help you surpass your goals in a natural and enjoyable manner. I implement a collaborative "gradual release" method, offering more guidance and skills initially as you progressively internalize and apply them on your own, tapping into your inner Sage.

My unique background encompasses personal, professional, and spiritual development:

  • Personal growth through collaborative journaling, self-reflection, self-compassion, solo travel, and publishing a hybrid memoir
  • Professional experience in research psychology, an AmeriCorps gap year, Outward Bound training, wilderness therapy, life coaching, and continued education
  • Spiritual journey shaped by multi-cultural ceremonies, existential inquiry, divination, and Daoism


Raised in St. Petersburg, Florida, I pursued a research psychology degree, studied abroad in Spain, and presented my Baccalaureate Dissertation on Self-Compassion in LGBTQIA+ Individuals. After a service year with City Year Denver, an AmeriCorps program, I enrolled in a 52-day Outward Bound instructor development course. Following a knee injury, I returned to Denver and worked as a field guide for Open Sky Wilderness Therapy for over three years (8,000+ hours), helping teens and young adults in crisis.

My spiritual development grew through studying ancient Chinese texts, the I Ching and the Dao De Jing. After completing my guiding career, I engaged in several transitional ceremonies, deepening my relationship with spirit, myself, and the world around me.

My Positive Intelligenceā„¢ & Relationship Coaching practice integrates coaching certifications, research psychology, daily self-reflection practices, wilderness guiding, spirituality, and ceremony.

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