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Dianne McKim

Leadership Coach, Life Coach, Career Coach, Wellness and Health Coach, Business Coach

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Coaching Approaches & Methods

Areas of Focus:
Leadership Development, Strengths Identification,  Work/Life Integration & Balance, Strengths Discovery, Career development, Resume and Interviewing, Professional Growth
Developing Confidence and Courage, Personality Understanding, Core Values & Career Alignment, Personal Growth 
Stress Management and Resiliency, Handling Fear, Worry, and Anxiety, Overcoming Offenses, Spiritual Growth, Faith in life and in your Career 
Hope and Healing from Separation and Divorce, Forgiveness


As I reflect on my life, I see how all my experiences, including the challenging and heartbreaking circumstances I faced along the way have given me a unique approach and perspective to offer my clients. 
I enjoyed a long and impactful career in Corporate America successfully leading teams, influencing peers, mentoring team members, and interacting at all corporate levels (including C Levels). I developed strong relationships with executives, management, peers, and team members allowing me to successfully spearhead major projects while negotiating, and navigating bureaucracy.  

This wasn't always the way, however. I am an abusive relationship survivor, I have navigated through a long and difficult divorce which resulted in my running a household, working full time the whole time, and raising children as a single mom for 14 years. I have dealt with family issues, job losses and job searches, loss of relationships, a lack of confidence and very low self-esteem.
Over time, I had to rebuild my life, rediscover myself and strengthen my confidence. As I did, I learned how to stand strong in my abilities, understand my value and embrace my identity. As my confidence grew, I discovered how to have professional success, personal contentment, and spiritual fulfillment. 
Today I walk in the freedom I was designed and created to enjoy. 

I have taken all that I learned along with my unparalleled ability and deep care and compassion for others and began Precious Stones Coaching. My coaching style is inviting, understanding, and encouraging with just the right amount of leadership, guidance, and accountability to help you focus on your priorities and accomplish your goals. As your coach, I commit to helping you achieve and fulfill your calling, purpose, and destiny.

* Free Discovery sessions are 30 minutes

* Paid coaching sessions are 45-60 minutes and require multiple sessions

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