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Eleanor Victorioso

Business Coach, Life Coach, Leadership Coach, Executive Coach

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I help women develop a new, healthy relationship with money so that they can overcome painful money stories and systemic challenges that keep them struggling financially.


Eleanor Victorioso is an active CPA and has been working in finance since 2003.  Eleanor started her career as an auditor for Deloitte, worked for many startups in higher level accounting positions, and currently owns a finance consulting business that serves values-oriented entrepreneurs and their businesses so that they can create financial sustainability for themselves, their communities, and the world.

She works with many clients whose fear of money impacts their personal and business finances in a way that impedes their financial success — as defined by them.  They find themselves chasing someone else’s dream and becoming overwhelmed in the process.    Eleanor helps her clients feel aligned with who they are, what their values are, and how they can weave their financial strategy with their true being.

She is also a transformational life coach and provides one-on-one coaching.

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