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Georgia Beaven

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Through Yoga and Positive Psychology coaching, I help high achieving women create a daily yoga practice in order to find self acceptance, purpose and resilience.

My clients learn what it's like to live a life without mental suffering, and become the happiest, most confident people.

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    • Georgia is an Integrative Wellness Coach and Self-Care Advocate partnering with individuals and corporations to prioritise and incorporate healthy habits in the four key areas of self-care (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical).
      Skills: Wellness Coaching · Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) · Positive Psychology · Yoga Instruction · BreathworkPersonal cheerleader / big sister support for when you want to throw your entire life in the bin. YOU: You've got the job/house/car/relationship you've always wanted, worked your ass off for it even. Yet you dread Mondays, find your self crying on the tube to work. You KNOW there is more meant for you but you can't work out what it is. You know you could do a bit more yoga, eat a bit healthier, drink a bit less but not sure if those things will actually make your happy? ME: I've done the research, and can show you a path through and out the other side of these overwhelming feelings of dread. Learn my four pillars for excellent health and wellbeing: Movement | Connection | Breath work | Nourishment. Using a mix of eastern and western philosophes, we'll create a life you don't want to escape from.

    Georgia gets people get unstuck by working out how to get where you want to be and go from exhausted and overwhelmed to energised and elated for finally sticking to their healthy routines. Live life by Design, not default.

As a travel loving yogi and meditation teacher, She loves wearing all black outfits after spending a long time living in east London, singing out loud in her car with the windows down and wind in her hair, and is on a mission to find the UK’s best pizza.

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