Wellness Coach Ibrahim Khalil

Ibrahim Khalil

Wellness and Health Coach, Life Coach, Leadership Coach

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Coaching Approaches & Methods

Application of core personality insight methods which are simple and basic yet core shakingly strong with an emphasis on self introspection and higher awareness/conciousness awakening techniques to make the client realize the greatness and the strength within to achieve a higher ground in life regarding different aspects and issues occuring in day to day lives of individuals applying positive psychology and mindfulness. :)


I am a life coach on the path of credentialinh by the ICF( International Coaching Federation) who aims to bring positive changes in the lives of individuals who want to grow and become a better version of themselves. On top of that i myself am a travel freak, fitness enthusiast, health and nutrition consultant, and a survivor of extreme situations in life who wants fellow human beings to live a life of beauty seeing the perfect soul which is inside each one of you.

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