Performance Coach Jeff Courtney

Jeff Courtney

Performance Coach, Career Coach, Life Coach, Teen Coach

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Coaching Approaches & Methods

    My coaching is about helping the client gain new awareness within themselves and to help them see alternative paths to take to get where they want to go.  I utilize powerful questioning, active listening, Inner Dynamics (Parts style coaching) and various NLP coaching techniques that serve the client’s needs at that time.  Most sessions the client gets to know their inner critic very well!  Each session is a safe, confidential, and non-judging place for any discussions that the client wants to have.  With their new awareness, the client has more choices to pick from and this is a tremendously empowering position to live from…from here, all change is possible!


I am a Certified Life Coach and Professional Engineer. I have spent the past 20 years working with all kinds of people (engineers, architects, finance, IT, tradesman, owners & execs) solving problems put in front of me. With my training and experience and working with my own inner critic, I have developed a unique skillset to help clients become aware, understand, make peace, and get aligned to give them a launching pad to make changes in their life!

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