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Life Coach

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Coaching Approaches & Methods

Self Discovery Coaching

When you know who you are and are in tune with yourself you do not try to fit in, life fits in with you. Knowing oneself forms the basis of every individual's success and it is through this that we help people to discover their true selves in order for them to find freedom and pleasure in their ultimate purpose, giving value in service to others across the globe. 

Using a transformational and intuition centered approach, self discovery coaching begins with techniques to help you understand your core purpose, flowing into career coaching in line with your divine true self and finally, personal development, self worth and interpersonal effectiveness skills coaching. 

Purpose Driven Coaching & Mentoring: For Teens

The adults of today are as a result of the children of yesterday.  Purpose driven coaching and mentoring of teens focuses on teens knowing themselves and their purpose, choosing careers in line with their purpose and personal development  as the main pillars.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is incorporated in coaching sessions as required.



I am a certified self discovery and development coach as well as a certified NLP practitioner. My purpose is to help people discover their purpose, reconnect with their highest selves and finally step into their dream job with confidence and ease.

Where teens are concerned, I also help them with academic excellence and family dynamics using techniques that take into account their mental space.

I grew up in a rural area in Kwa-Ndebele called Thembalethu (our hope) raised by two domestic workers and the community as I single headedly took care the household while my parents had to make a living in Johannesburg.  I have a BSc Honours in Environmental Analysis and Management from the University of Pretoria and worked in Safety, Health, Environmental as well Risk Management for the first part of my career until I decided to accept myself, my purpose and embarked on coaching on a full time basis. I did not realise the significance of the name Thembalethu until later on in life, our people are our hope.

I have a passion for imparting knowledge, healing, guiding and walking the journey with others. I love to see people achieve their aspirations and grow. I am ready an delighted to service through my purpose so you too can work in alignment with yours. 


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