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What is grief coaching?

Also known as Death Coach or Spiritual Coach, Grief coaching will help you make sense of the extremely complex situation that we face when we lose a loved one or when we find ourselves at the end-stage of our lives.

Death is by far the most misinterpreted stage of our life. What has made it even worse, is the fact that society has decided to look the other way, to completely ignore the whole subject of death, making “death” the big elephant in the room everyone desperately tries to ignore.

If you do feel shocked or traumatised by your actual situation, are grieving the loss of a loved one or simply live in dread with the idea of your demise, death coaching will help you with this. Here I will show you how to “unlearn” negative conditioning towards “death” and how to face one of the most profound phases of your life.

The aim is to transform a fear based, unconscious attitude towards “death” to a conscious, creative one.


Currently living between London and Ibiza, I’m a certified acupuncturist from 2001, a certified Life Coach from 2018, a certified grief counsellor from 2020 and a certified Death Doula from 2021. A long-life metaphysical researcher as well, have dwelled in esoteric studies that range from Rosicrucianism and Kabbalah to Umbanda and Spiritism.


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