Wellness Coach Naana Dankwa

Naana Dankwa

Wellness and Health Coach, Life Coach, Teen Coach

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Coaching Approaches & Methods

Positive psychology, Goal-oriented, Humanist coaching and Narrative therapy principles incorporated.


My name is Naana Dankwa. I am passionate about self-discovery because it saved me. Saved me from a life of discontent and living a lie. On the outside everything looked perfect, but I always felt out of place and was doing things because I was supposed to.  I started seeing a life coach and began the journey to know and understand my true self. Living my truth led me to leave my corporate job and study life coaching. I also studied narrative therapy and it has influenced my work.

People have always been drawn to speak to me about their problems. One thing I have always believed is that we all have strengths and beauty within, but we don’t know or believe it. We are experts of our own lives, but due to life experiences, thoughts, and feelings, most of us live limited versions of ourselves.

I have started The Self Discovery Academy as a safe place for people to come and find and understand themselves and to provide them with coaching and tools to help bring their true nature out and live their lives the way THEY want to. I look forward to taking the journey with anyone who resonates with my story and offering. You will find more about my work @theselfdiscoveryacademy on Instagram.


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