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Nikitha Gollena

Wellness and Health Coach, Life Coach

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I being a health and wellness coach believe in sustainable way of living . My approach is holistic way of making lifestyle changes which not only includes food, often which is believed to be but a lot of other factors like career, relationships, joy, creativity, physical activity, spirituality, home environment. These are some of the main factors which influences our lives. My approach is to find and let people realise where is the imbalance in their life and how to gain confidence to get their health and wellness back on track. Zeal to pick them up if they fall down. My niche is helping people who struggle with hormonal imbalances, stress management and food cravings.


Hi. I am Nikitha Gollena , 26yrs old. I reside in Hyderabad, India. I was an IT professional worked for an MNC for 4 years. Over the time i realised, i am  not happy or living in the moment, life became stressful. After a lot of thought process and introspection, i have enrolled in IIN , New York for the degree of Integrative Nutrition. From  then there was no looking back. I started and continuing to work as a Health and wellness coach.It feels like a sense of purpose and will continue to help people for the rest of my life!

2 Reviews

Tanya Sinha

She is versatile determined and consistent in her approach,I really liked her attitude where she was trying to help me as much as she could.She left no stone unturned

Mahmud Kotebagil

She is wonderful and amazing personality. I just love her approach and taking into consideration of every aspect of the life. Thank you. I may get in touch with you later

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