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Priyanka Dani

Performance Coach, Career Coach, Entrepreneurship Coach, Life Coach, Leadership Coach

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Having the right #mindset is the most important thing.
“you shouldn’t focus on why you cant do something” which most people do. You should focus on why you can and be the exception.
However there are moments when one can struggle with few thoughts.
Unpleasant thoughts hold you back and soon turn into your roadblock.

With NLP techniques, find out your root cause and achieve the success you deserve


It is said “when life throws lemons at you; make lemonade of it”

Life is a blend of ups and downs which makes it worth enjoying the journey. We, Humans are full of emotions which is an integral part of our being. And its not always easy to cope with ever changing world.

Ups and downs are an essential part of our lives. None of us can spend a completely uneventful life. Both of these are like the two sides of a coin. The fortunate and unfortunate incidents bring a balance in our lives, and that’s a positive thing.

Although this is easy said than done.

In my decade long professional career as well as personal life dealing with different cases as a problem solver and a go to person for solution; I studied, analyzed, planned and supervised a variety of tailored solutions for everyone.

I am ICF NLP practitioner & Coach skilled at motivating, inspiring and empowering clients facing challenges in their professional & personal life. Also experience partnering with client developing positive practice and offering guidance through coaching programs by helping them to guild the team of champions. Helping individual professional &/ corporate leaders to develop new perspectives, approaches towards the challenges, empower them with confidence to trust, follow intuition, look within to find their solutions moving forward and achieve success in life.


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