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How To Break Up With Self Sabotage, Stop Feeling Overwhelmed and Smash Anxiety With A Life Coach

Do you ever find yourself…

  • - In a world of endless procrastination?
  • - Picking fights with loved ones?
  • - Avoiding commitment like no tomorrow?
  • - Constantly running late?
  • - Dodging confrontation like the plague?
  • - Overthinking and analyzing things to the point of ridiculous?

Everyone does this from time to time. You're only human.

But when these behaviors become your greatest hits on repeat, then something bigger is going on.

This brand new approach to powering up your purpose and preventing self sabotage is completely under the radar.

What if you could stop getting in your own way, kick procrastination and self sabotage, quit self doubt, ditch second guessing yourself and begin backing yourself, living with joy and loving yourself madly


Wasting another second feeling this way, engaging in expensive therapy, questioning yourself, and definitely without doing it alone.

You’re going to discover exactly how you can use the unique support system to:

✔️ Say goodbye to anxiety
✔️ Let go of perfectionist tendencies
✔️ Quit self-sabotaging
✔️ Hit your income goals
✔️ Discover confidence and inner happiness
✔️ And have free time to live a life on your terms

if you want to beat procrastination or stop self-sabotaging
or develop positive habits
or deal with stress
or grow in your career
or start / scale your business

Whatever the need may be, if you develop congruence from the inside, your outside world start appealing you in positive way, in a way that serves you.

I help you to get the clarity and push you need to move beyond your fears, uncertainties, and procrastination to make real progress on your lifegoals.

It's time to Book a FREE call with me. 


“It’s not long ago that I walked through life with regrets weighing heavily on my shoulders, and lived with constant guilt and frustration brought on by memories of events from the past. One of my biggest regrets was allowing fear to accompany me on my journey, to prevent me from living life on my terms. 

This is Ram. I have always dreamed of branching out on my own, to be my own boss, instead of working for someone else. I played it safe. I procrastinated. I remained in my comfort zone until it became too uncomfortable. That was when I took a giant step forward. 

I shook off the fear and took back control over my own life."

M Y    M I S S I O N

My mission is to help you to align your energy, focus, and time to achieve your long-term goals across four areas of your life: spirituality, physical well-being, family and career or business.

I help you to get the clarity and push you need to move beyond your fears, uncertainties, and procrastination to make real progress on your lifegoals.— Rama Krishna

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Sam peerzade

It was a good talking to him. Expecting better results

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