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The Clear Beliefs method helps remove internal resistnace, clear historic patterns of thoughts and behavior that is not serving us any more.  When the core limiting belief is cleared, you feel an immediate sustainable shift.  Resistnace disappears.  Motivation soars.  Doubt, hesitation, and self sabotage drops away.  Self esteem and personal power expands.  You become truly free.


Shilpa P.A.- 39 years old  - Certified Clear Beliefs Coach.  She believes that each one of us have our unique gifts we bring into the world and we all have the inner resources to connect within and manifest the life of our purpose.  Powerful transformative experiences and connection with inner self prepares us to deal with the ever changing life.  She envisions a thriving life for every person where each one of them are able to work through their limiting subconcious beliefs that keeps them stuck; and are getting in touch with the wonderful being they are.  Beings who will be creating the life that they love.

3 Reviews

Sam peerzade

Coaching style is very good

Chirag Ghelani

It was a great opportunity to finally talk about everything that was there on my mind. This has improved clarity even further.

Kavana:U Kavana

The session was really fun, I thank coach shilpa for being very friendly and understanding..... It was an awesome expirience....

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