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Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed or unhappy about your life/career.

Are you not able to get hold of what is that stopping you to grow/perform in your life?

You are able to find what is stopping you and methods to overcome the challenge but not able to find the motivation/energy to do it?

Are you looking for a professional who can hold you accountable through this challenging/life defining journey?

When these above statements resonate with you, you are in the right space

What is that you will receive out of this coaching engagement?

1.Focussing on designing your daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly goals on any one are or three core areas of your life

2.Aligning them Weekly through coaching calls  and daily through emails

3.Educating you to build the skill of Getting things done through GTD process and ancient wisdom

How I do this?

When I sit down with you(co-learners a.k.a clients), we speak a lot. In fact, I let you share what excites you and what puts you down. My job here is just to listen and ask leading powerful questions. This will enable me to map your challenges based on my framework.

And then I explain my 3L's framework with you. The 3L's stands for Life- personal wellness, Living- key people and Livelihood- work that you do which puts money in the bank

Im deeply committed to having a life of RELAXEDNESS and I envision that for my co-learners. 

My basic coaching approach is to enable you to look at life as a game and then gamify your life.

The simplest way to gamify your life is to enable you to build healthy practices in your life. 

This equation is modified from the book" THE INNER GAME OF WORK" by Timothy gallway




RELAXEDNESS= NECESSARY relaxedness minus UNNECESSARY UNrelaxedness


RELAXEDNESS means your current ability to fulfil needs based on your available HEALTHY qualities/practices

NECESSARY relaxedness means your required ability to fulfil needs through building the HEALTHY qualities/practices

UNNECESSARY unrelaxed ness means your required ability to drop wants or current ability to fulfil wants because of the available UNHEALTHY qualities and practices


For Example:

You have been wanting to reduce 10 kilo's (when you were at 80 kilo's) in the last 6 months and you have reduced 3-kilo's(now 77 kilo's) successfully after 2 months of healthy values and practices.


Your current HEALTHY QUALITIES and PRACTICES levels are at 3 (because these qualities and practices have helped you to lose 3 kilo's for eg- you have started eating only when you were hungry or you have added fruits/veggies/greens in your diet or you have got your friend to join you in this reducing weight journey)


and Your POSSIBLE HEALTHY QUALITIES and PRACTICES LEVELS can be at 10 (because you know how to reduce 7 more kilo's using POSSIBLE HEALTHY QUALITIES & PRACTICES for eg- you can start eating less or stop eating the junk food or start working only for the required amount of time in office )


Your CURRENT UNHEALTHY QUALITIES and PRACTICES is at 7 (the current UNHEALTHY QUALITIES & PRACTICES are stopping you from reducing the 7 more kilo's for eg- you eat a lot or you smoke cigars or you don't do the workout well)


RELAXEDNESS(Current healthy practices levels)= NEEDS(Possible healthy practices)  MINUS  WANTS (current unhealthy practices)


3 = 10 - 7.

RELAXEDNESS = Your current HEALTHY reality which is made up of current HEALTHY QUALITIES & PRACTICES of your 5 energies


NECESSARY relaxedness= Your Possible HEALTHY reality which can be made of possible HEALTHY QUALITIES & PRACTICES of your 5 energies


UNNECESSARY unrelaxed ness = Your current UNHEALTHY reality which is made up of UNHEALTHY QUALITIES & PRACTICES of your 5 energies


So, when you just drop the UNNECESSARY unrelaxed ness which is UNHEALTHY QUALITIES & PRACTICES, you can reduce the 7 more kilo's in the time that it takes.


This equation can be applied to learn a new skillset like presentation skills or building a habit of getting up early etc.

But the big idea is to achieve the below-mentioned outcomes:

The Life game will enable you to build a healthy relationship with yourself

The living game will enable you to build a healthy relationship with your dear people and colleagues

Livelihood game will enable you to build a healthy relationship with your skillsets and money

I trust you enjoyed reading through this and would have got the best picture on what kinda people that I work with and the methodology that is used to enable RELAXEDNESS.



Professional Certified Coach,

International Coach Federation(USA).

P.s: Do check certification's section to learn about my credibility.

Specialisation includes time management 


Shiva Kumar enjoys sustainable lifestyle and he has spent good amount of times in a farmland 

He is avid researcher of ancient wisdom through the texts and clarify the lessons through the teachers present in that specific field 

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