Leadership Coach Stefano Palumbo

Stefano Palumbo

Business Coach, Life Coach, Leadership Coach, Executive Coach

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Coaching Approaches & Methods

I use a combined approach of coaching and consulting around insight. A single insight can change your world.

How is a program structured?

  • Begin with a discovery call and understand your challenges/objectives
  • Agreement & Guidelines
  • Assessment & Analysis - define the most important areas to focus on
  • Weekly sessions - focus on 1 area per month or work on a area of choice
  • Progress Check / Review sessions

How is a sessions structured?

  • Get centred and get in the zone
  • Define focus / ideal outcome of session
  • Deep-coaching & insights - getting to root causes and motivations
  • Action steps and home tasks

I create a safe space for you to open and speak your mind, free from judgement, through deep listening, you will share your struggles and wildest dreams.

I will challenge your thinking and search the root causes and motivations that you don't realise are driving you.   I am trained to coach primarily at 3 levels; identity, strategy (mindset) and tactics. We often work on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels if you agree. 

My coaching is very practical and I am usually actively involved in my client's projects and goals outside of sessions.


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