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Thierry Mwamba

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Sometimes in life, you come to a fork in the road. It could manifest as a quarter-life crisis or an existential crisis. It could appear after a significant career change or commitment. Furthermore, it may appear when you've already decided to restart your life but aren't sure where to begin.

Maybe you can't get rid of a memory from the past that caused you to cry, feel sad, or even experience stress, depression, or anxiety. A conversation could trigger this with your employer, peers, parents, friends, siblings, or anyone else. It may seem that you are in a place where you don't perceive life as improving and have lost any sense of purpose. I promise you that two are better than one, and together as your coach working alongside your ideas and philosophy, we can get you out of any place you might find yourself.


As a resolute disciple, Thierry has a clergy role as a wedding officiant. The knowledge and experience explain the motivation behind premarital and marriage coaching. An ordained minister is one who is committed to serving others and helping them reach their full potential. He has three wonderful kids and a lovely spouse. According to Paul's teaching in the book of Timothy, deacons should be married to one wife and maintain home discipline.

Additionally, he also works as a life coach, mentor, and motivational speaker.


• A bachelor’s degree in Christian leadership with a business concentration

• Diploma in IT management revised 2017

• Diploma in the French language

• Diploma in ministry

• Many certifications; in sales, life coaching, English business, leadership, etc.

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