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Tricia Sinclair

Wellness and Health Coach, Life Coach, Leadership Coach

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This program is a your specific based program designed for your personal leadership skills to be enhance by strategic research, one on one private online sessions, and test proven content.   This program is created for individuals to be mentally fit and to move forward in life progressively.  The program covers communication skills, time management, leadership purpose guidance, face your fear factors, competition awareness, emotional intelligence builder, affirmation client builder, personal confidence and self-esteem.  I designed this program to fit the employer, employee, and retired.  Also, have a special program for the youth to promote mental wellness.


I am an educated professional life and relations coach.  I am a certified neuro linguistic practitioner and a life coach.  I started my licensed coaching company in 2020.  However, I have been coaching for over fifteen years.  I had confirmation from my clients that they received a realistic change in their lives.  My clients verbally informed me of the empowerment that is in their hearts and minds.  I am super excited to meet you.  

Life-Relationship Coach Tricia Sinclair, LM NLP

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