Leadership Coach Ayoush Singh Shanddilya

Ayoush Singh Shanddilya

Leadership Coach, Life Coach, Executive Coach

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I am highly passionate about self development. Some people are fortunate enough to already be on the right path while most tend to struggle if they are on a life path not aligned with their intrinsic values. Every individual has innate talents and strengths which can be leveraged to achieve desired goals and milestones but unfortunately for many they remain undiscovered throughout their life. My goal is to Unlock the potential of your innate talents and strengths to bring you on the right path of life to reach your milestones of success with ease. 

I enable transformation and clarity of purpose in individuals to provide for a clear pathway towards achieving your goals. I have undergone numerous trainings and certifications through which I use scientific methods and techniques helping the client reach their destination. I am committed to client success and take it very seriously. I will work with you all the way until your desired goals are reached.

I can help you with:

- Figuring out life direction

- Building confidence and esteem

- Career

- Developing positive habits / Changing negative habits 

- Improving communication

- Relationships

- Anger management

- Dealing with a loss 

- Dealing with stress

Book a complimentary discovery call with me to understand how we can transform you together to help you reach your desired goals and ideal lifestyle in the fastest and most efficient way.

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