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Megan Pearson

Wellness and Health Coach

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Coaching Approaches & Methods

My personal ethos around coaching is that I have unconditional positive regard for my clients. I truly believe that everyone is doing the best they can at any given moment. My expertise is helping people uncover their deeper "whys" for living a healthy lifestyle--whatever that means to them. I am a diligent steward of their fitness and health journies, but what they desire is entirely up to them. Within my scope of practice, I will help them create tactical, practical, and meaningful habits and mindset shifts that will help them reach their goal.

How I Coach:

Initially, all of my clients take my 12-week course. During that course, my clients have access to an app where we can easily and effectively communicate in the messaging portion of the app. This course covers principles that ensure we are "speaking the same language"--despite the course being standardized, your programs and recommendations are completely unique to you, your needs, and your goals.

The app is also where your workouts, goals, nutrition, and other data will be stored.

Once the 12-week course has concluded, you have all of the tools and practical information you need to work towards your goals. If you feel your future pursuits would be best supported by continued check-ins, I offer continued support as frequently or infrequently as you need.


As your Wellness Coach, I am your collaborative partner, here to guide and support you in overcoming challenges in life that may be preventing you from being fully engaged in all seven dimensions of Wellness. 

In 2014 I became a Certified Personal Trainer, and this is where my journey began. 

Personal Training gave me the experience and insight to find my true passion and pursue meaningful work in Wellness Coaching.

My approach recognizes that you are the expert on your lifestyle, needs, and values. My purpose is to guide you through strategies and methods for long-lasting positive change which will allow you to achieve your goals, aligned with your values.


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